A small introduction

Verge Infotech Inc. is a premier provider of consulting solutions for IT and Management consulting company,
specializing in Emerging Markets, Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Relationship Management, and E-Commerce applications.

Cost Effective Solution

Eliminate the need for hiring employees that you may not need after the application is deployed and thus reduce costs.

Prototype Development

You may choose to develop prototype using Verge Infotech consultants and resources before proceeding with full-scale development.

Geographic Outreach

Our geographic reach allows us to serve customer needs virtually anywhere. Based in Washington DC with offices in Indiana, partners in 10 different states in United States and a branch in India. We will be constantly expanding to meet our customer needs with proposed branches in Europe.

Database Driven Recruiting Engine

Our automated recruiting process, precisely match the IT skills needed with the professionals to get the job done right.

Competitive Rates with an Emphasis on Quality

Our consultant rates are very competitive for extremely well qualified consultants.

Legal Sensitivity to Software Developed

We are well aware of legal matters related to software development such as work ownership, non-disclosure and proprietary issues.

Continuous Client Feedback and Consultant Interaction

We interact closely with our clients on a regular basis to get feedback on the performance of our consultants. This continuous interaction further enhances the quality of our services.

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